Eirini Karra Brings You Today’s Poker News

Go below for how Annette Obrestad (not pictured above), a woman, continues to prove she might be the best female tourney player around...and other poker news.

While we wait for the latest Kid Dynamite Vegas trip report…here is your latest poker news link dump.

:: Big vote coming up next month for online poker regulation and legalization. [link]

:: Annette Obrestad, a woman, wins an 2010 Aussie Millions PLO event. [link]

:: Darvin Moon joins Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney in a luxury suite for the New Orleans Saints NFC title game, officially making the Saints not the cool team this year. Lil Wayne needs to step up to the plate already. [link]

:: Pauly gets in five questions with the incomparable Matt Savage. [link]

:: Gus Hansen is up around $1.3M for 2010. Only about $4M to go now to break even. [link]

:: Action Jeff Garza spits in someone’s face at the PCA. [link]

And finally, if you’re one of the sites that more or less rips our content but doesn’t offer any links back, learn from the likes of Part-Time Poker, PokerListings, Poker News, and Bluff and share the readers.

And on that note, see more pics of Eirini Karra here.


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