El Blondie Responds

Rhowena_1In response to a post by esteemed poker author/player/blogger Lou Krieger about how Mrs. David “El Blondie” Colclough (at right) was allegedly caught snogging and boffing someone who wasn’t Mr. Colclough, El Blondie himself has posted a comment on Krieger’s blog declaring, “I did not say these things. The facts are not accurate.”

While we don’t want to perpetuate any more gossip on this affair (seriously now), we are sharing this so people know that Colclough disputes what was reported in the London papers and elsewhere and here — although in our defense, the focus of our post was more on the plethora of bare-ly dressed (and artistic!) photos that exist of Rhowena Colclough (nee MacCuish) on the so-called “Internet” from her earlier modeling days.

We’ve said it before but some really outstanding work on Rhowena’s behalf . . . and behind.


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