El Blondie’s Cheatin’ Wife Wears Nothing Well

Davecolclough3UK media outlets reported this weekend (here and here) that top British poker player David “El Blondie” Colclough (at right), 43, has dumped his younger wife Rhowena (awful name) after finding the 27-year-old former TV hostess and Poker Dome Challenge semi-finalist romping in their marital bedroom with a 26-year-old friend. We’re no cyber sleuths but we’re guessing it’s the same 26-year-old the Chantel-like buttaface from Britain blogged about last November when she said, “It was one of my friend’s 26th birthday, so we took full advantage of this opportunity to spend the entire weekend in a drunken state, with Saturday being our homemade cocktail day.”

Do Brits have another word for “lush“?

According to the Sunday Mail in London, Colclough first reported the news on his blog, saying: “Came home from Monte Carlo to find my wife in bed with a 26-year-old.” He has since removed the entry but has allegedly confirmed that the relationship is indeed over. So we presume they weren’t swingers, which we mistakenly thought all British couples were, or at least that’s what the nice couple from Lancashire told us down in Virgin Gorda.

RhoweapokerdomeWhile we considered detailing what we would do if we ever found our wives shagging someone else, our lawyers suggested that we refrain from doing so. Plus, the possibility of our wives cheating is about the same as a fat kid with a tape worm who hasn’t eaten for days turning down chocolate cake on his birthday.

The real story here though is that the lush-alicious Rhowena Colclough has an aversion to clothing and likes to get naked for the camera, which, not to stereotype hot British girls, but they all have an aversion to clothing and like to get naked for the camera. Seriously, if you’re a British girl and don’t, it’s because you’re not hot. Simple as that.

Rhowena, whose maiden name is MacCuish (because she’s Scottish), allegedly had her own soft core porn modeling site called Rhowena’s Secrets where she revealed her “deepest darkest desires”. The site is no longer up but don’t fret because you can see samples of Rhowena’s secrets on this page (NSFW pics at bottom of page) found on a Fem Dom site not ironically called PlanetFemDom.com.

Rhowenasite_2On her page, Rhowena emphatically states “I DO NOT do any escort or adult orientated work,” but shares that “I love black and white artistic nude photography. It has so much power and shows off the human form in such a beautiful way.”

Don’t just take her word for it though. See the power for yourself on this other site (more NSFW photos of Rhowena) where Rhowena is artistically expressing herself in black and white, and wet and blue, and completely nekkid.

It’s worth noting that the first shot is a keeper. Really impressive, artistically speaking.

UPDATE: Rhowena.com, which features loads of spectacularly NSFW pics of Ms. Rhowena, can still be viewed here via archive.org. The photo to the right is a screen shot of the homepage. For what lies beyond there, click “Enter.”


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