Emily Scott Is A Hot, Wet, Online Poker Player

The headline to this post really should be, “We Actually Read The Stupid Interview that Went Along with Emily Scott’s Bikini Photo Spread,” because we’ve never done that before. Truth be told, we get all of our news just by looking at photos. That’s how we learned Denzel Washington was elected president.*

Emily Scott, if you don’t know, is the Australian version of Keeley Hazell except her breasts are not God-given, and in the RALPH magazine interview that we read we learned that Scott plays online poker

“I’ve been playing online poker slightly mentally. It’s a bit of an addiction,” said Scott. “No matter where you are, you’ve got a casino.” 

She goes on to say has a tendency to “go all-in” a lot, gets drunk while playing and other pseudo-sexual innuendo stuff that makes the average male stalker think he has a shot at her and reminds us why we never read the interviews that go along with photo spreads like this.

* We kid, we kid. And it’s cool. We can joke about this kind of thing. We voted for the guy so we get immunity for a couple years right? 



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