ePassporte No Longer Accepting Online Poker Transfers

Epassporte no longer an option for online poker deposits or withdrawalsePassporte is officially out as an option to deposit and withdraw funds for online poker players.

In a letter to Pitbull Poker and published on Compatible Poker, they state:

"We have been advised that the United State’s Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is conducting a widespread investigation of internet gambling, including poker. All though [sic] we do not believe we have done anything illegal, we do not wish to be associated with anything that might be considered illegal by the United States government."

In the meantime, Full Tilt Poker has issued a letter to all of its users with the following option:

"As an alternative to ePassporte, we are pleased to offer you our newest, most efficient payment processing option yet – Instant eChecks."

Poker Stars offers eCheck as well, which directly withdraws and deposits money into your bank account.

See the full ePassporte letter here.

* Thanks to reader DrewOnTilt for the link.


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