ePassporte Temporarily Unavailable, Online Poker Players Worried

Epassporte no longer option for online poker players?The online poker community is abuzz with rumors that ePassporte, the most popular and used money transfer method since the fall of Neteller, may no longer be an option.

Poker Stars, Full Tilt, and other major sites all list ePassporte as "temporarily unavailable." Calls to ePassporte customer service note that the issue is due to "technical difficulty."

The issue first came to light on the 2+2 forum. Then Cake Poker notified its users that ePassporte would no longer be an option for transferring money, and that this was an industry-wide issue.

It is not clear yet, however, if this will only affect U.S. American clients or worldwide ePassporte users.

What is clear is the timing of this is interesting. Momentum has certainly shifted against the UIGEA recently by the U.S. American government. In fact, just two days ago, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx) introduced a bill in Congress that would block the enforcement of the UIGEA.

Even if ePassporte were to pull out as a payment option, one would think there is another one ready to step up and take its place.

We’ll keep you posted as the rumors play themselves out.


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