Epic Poker League Final Table: Habib, Mercier, Rheem Lead

You have no idea how bad I need this, Gavin...

The inaugural Epic Poker League final table went about as well as Jeffrey Pollack and Annie Duke could’ve hoped for…

…with one exception…

…which ironically is a “best case scenerio” for many in the poker world.

Of the half of the eligible pros who entered Epic’s first event, the six final table-ists rank as some of the most familiar faces in the field: the shockingly still alive Hasan Habib (1,655,000), Jason Mercier (1,495,000), Chino Rheem (1,432,000), Erik Seidel (1,109,000), Gavin Smith (766,000), and Huck Seed (396,000).

For TV purposes, a win by Mercier (validates credibility of a pro league for new schoolers), Seidel/Seed (validates credibility of a pro league for old schoolers), or Smith (one of the game’s great personalities) are clear wins. Habib kind of falls in the middle (public perception-wise).

And then there’s Chino Rheem.

Will be interesting to see how they’ll rep his story if he wins.

It’s very well documented at this point that Chino owes a lot of people a lot of money (most recently from this thread are Will Molson, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Joseph Cheong and recently from the sounds of it in this vid the rest of Vegas as well).

The Twitter jokes about the lines of people following Chino to the payout cage have already started. So, one could argue, the best thing that could happen for the poker community is Chino winning the first EPL event.

So yeah, good for poker community, potential bad for Epic TV.

Final table starts at 3pm PT. How will it all shake out? We think you know the answer to that.


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