Epic Poker League Launches Its Social Media Gaming Site on Facebook

Expect Epic Poker to milk most of the ads in its CBS time-buy promoting their newly launched social media poker game.

For those of you wondering where Federated Sports+Gaming was planning on generating its income, part of the answer was (sort of) released today.

The Epic Poker social media Facebook game is now live.

If we could give it a tagline, it’d be, “Well, it’s better than Zynga.”

From a UI standpoint, it aesthetically looks good. Better than Zynga Poker and even the WSOP Facebook app.

But the .wav Muzak file playing in the background has already caused us to take not one not two but three naps. Would’ve had this post up two hours ago otherwise.

Give it a look (if you’re “on” Facebook) here.

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To watch a genuinely awesome vid of Kate Upton on her shoot, go here.

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  1. Charlesmulenga

    August 4, 2011 10:07 am, Reply

    Too busy. UX sucks. missing obvious key features for playing poker online.. Keeps crashing computer…” There was a problem with connection…”

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