EPT Budapest Final Table Set, Zoltan Toth Leads

Super hot Kocsis Orsi is from Hungary where the EPT Budapest is wrapping up. We suggest skipping the below post and head here (NSFW) for more pics of her.

They are down to the Eight Best in Budapest (TM) at the European Poker Tour stop in Hungary and leading the way is some guy from the home country named Zoltan Toth with 1,059,000 in chips.

We’re not sure who Zoltan Toth is but he has a pretty sweet name. Sort of sounds like the villain in a super hero flick. We did a half-ass search on the so-called “Internet” for Zoltan Toth and all we came up with was a video of some bodybuilder. Probably not the same guy.

Stacked in second is Romanian Ciprian Hrisca with 1,038,000. Yeh, we don’t know him either.

Some decent Euros are among the final eight with the biggest name of the bunch being Johnny Lodden of Norway who’s stacked in the middle with 500,000.

Not notable but worth noting is William Fry (572,000), who starts the final table in fourth. Is this the same William Fry who owned the condo at Panorama Towers that Jill Rockcastle killed Bill Gustafik in? Anyone?

Stay track of the final table action over at the PokerStars blog here.


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