EPT Copenhagen: Danes Continue to Dominate on Home Turf

Danish_girls_bike_1 Danish_girls_bike_2 Danish_girls_bike_3

Day 1B at the EPT Copenhagen in the city of hot chicks on bikes is in the books, and five of the top six in chips at day’s end were Danes, including the day’s chip leader, Theo Jørgensen, who amassed 75,900. That amount puts him in third overall going into Day 2 with fellow Dane Peter Eastgate standing at the top of the count with 79,700.

Notable players who made it through Day 1B and are still gunning for the €834,590 first place prize at the Casino Copenhagen include Luca Pagano (56,400), Alexander Kravchenko (40,500), Bill Chen (40,300), Trond Erik Eidsvig (35,400), Barny Boatman (30,000), Nicolas Levi (20,900), Thor Hansen (20,200), Noah Boeken (9,400) and Rolf Slotboom (9,400).

Young Canuck Mike “Timex” McDonald is following up his EPT German Open win with a respectable showing by making it to Day 2 with 32,500.

In addition to Bill Chen, US Americans still around after Day 1 action include Charles Furey (44,600), Joseph “Don’t Call Me Sebok” Serock (35,200), Joseph Morneau (26,200), Steve Frezer (22,500), Kenneth Lyons (19,300), Dustin Mele (13,400), Paul Grabowski (12,600) and Ryan Badii 12,600.

Finally, the Strange Foreign Name of the Day goes to Wim Emo of Holland. Congrats Wim.

Get your full chip counts here.

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