EPT Polish Open: Scandis, Krauts, US Americans on Top, Poles Not So Much

Ewa Sonnet is the JC Tran of Poland

Day 2 at the EPT Polish Open is a go in the country that gave us kielbasa, polka and the gargantuanly breasted Ewa Sonnet (above), and among the top 10 in chips at the Casinos Poland are four Scandinavians, three U.S. Americans, two Germans and one Spaniard.

It’s Robert Flink from Ikea-land who started the day as the chip leader with 113,300, and Dan Pedersen, from the land of hot girls on bikes, sat down with the second most, 98,500.

Go here for the full top 10.

Apparently and surprisingly our math was correct yesterday, and the total prize pool for the EPT Polish Open is 7,180,000 Polish Zloty (about 2 million euros). First place will walk with 2,154,000 Polish Zloty (609,782 euros). Second place gets less.

Unlike the EPT Copenhagen, in which Danes dominated the field in both numbers and overall success, the Poles, well, not so much. Of the 359 players who started, less than 10% were from Joanna Krupa-land. Strikingly, not one Pole appeared to be in the top 50 at the start of play today and only six or so are still in.

So what are we getting at? Poles kind of suck at poker.

UPDATE: Irish poker pro Andy Black, who started the day near the bottom of the top 20 in chips, is steamrolling the field like hooker-banger Eliot Spitzer once steamrolled white collar criminals and is now near the top of the chip count with 110,400 at the first break of the day, according to PokerStars Blog. Meanwhile Day 1 chipleader Robert Flink has disappeared from the field, and the new chipleader is Kosta Anastasyadi from Holland, a country where Spitzer could get his Ashley Alexandra Dupre on legally.

Players who’ve busted today include Johnny Lodden, Mel Judah, Dan Ryan, Casey Kastle, Marc Goodwin and the lovely Liz Lieu, a woman.

Not yet busted, Woody Deck.

Robert Flink — Sweden — 113,300
Dan Pedersen — Denmark — 98,500
Michael Schulze — Germany — 87,900
Anio Alcaraz — Spain — 78,000
Keith Donais — USA — 76,200
Hecham El Sayed — Denmark — 66,700
Alp Okumus — Germany — 62,100
David Robinson — USA — 55,800
Jospeh Serock — USA — 55,000
Andreas Torbergsen — Norway — 53,000


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