EPT Polish Open Underway, We’re Rooting for Woody Deck

Joanna Krupa is Polish not at the EPT Polish Open poker tournamentFrom the land of hot girls on bikes and who wear men’s underwear to the birthplace of poker playing swimsuit model Joanna Krupa (at right, on some beach in Warsaw), the next stop of the European Poker Tour got underway today with the EPT Polish Open at the Casino Poland. Day1a action in the capital city saw 190 players take their seats on the first flight of the five-day tournament, which was won last year by Dane Peter Jepsen.

Among the notable names in attendance include two-time EPT Season 4 final table-ist Trond Eidsvig (Norway), British cash game specialist Marc Goodwin (England), EPT Barcelona winner Sander Lyloff, the Harry Potter of Poker Dario Minieri (Italy), Season 3 EPT Copenhagen winner Magnus Petersson (Sweden), Season 3 4 EPT Baden winner Julian Thew (England) and Katja Thater (German), a woman.

Also in the field, a guy named Woody Deck from Lithuania, who just may be the new Simon Mycock of European poker. We can only hope he rises to the occasion in the land of the Poles and sticks it out for a few days.

Poker TV presenter and Canadian defector to the UK Kara Scott, who stands about a foot taller than EPT Copenhagen winner Tim Vance (midget?), is also at the tables today as a player and not so much as the EPT hostess. Scott most recently won the Sports Stars Challenge III, which was as exciting as the name sounds.

Stay here for the best, most informative, “like you are actually there” EPT Polish Open updates around, and what we mean by that is occasional, somewhat brief, light on the details but heavy on the photos of hot Polska dziewczynas, if our Polska is correct.

Relatedly, some Joanna Krupa photo links below and after the jump, a clip from Poland Idol, which is like American Idol but with Polaks:

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Watch it at YouTube here.


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