EPT Polish Open Wraps in Warsaw, Schulze the ‘Seiger,’ Next-a Up Is-a San Remo in-a Italy

European Poker Tour heads next to the country that gave us girls like Francesca LukasikMichael Schulze (not at right), a 40-year-old stock trader and amateur poker player from Germany, so he probably likes weird porn, is the winner of the EPT Polish Open in Warsaw, earning himself the tournament’s first place prize of 2,154,000 PLN (€609,782).

Finishing in second was Portugal’s Ricardo Sousa, a relative newcomer to the game, and in third, Mathias Viberg, one of three Swedes at the final table.

Of note, which we already noted, Norwegian Trond Erik Eidsvig, established a new European Poker Tour record by making his third EPT final table this season. The Scandinavian Poker Rookie of the Year finished today in 8th.

Daniel Woolson, a US American, finished in 9th.

Here’s how the final nine fared at the EPT Polish Open:

1. Michael Schulze – Germany – 2,154,000 PLN
2. Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 1,220,600 PLN
3. Mathias Viberg – Sweden – 718,000 PLN
4. Mehdi Ouakhir – France – 538,500 PLN
5. Christian Oman – Sweden – 437,980 PLN
6. Juan Maceiras – Spain – 344,640 PLN
7. Niclas Svensson – Sweden – 272,840 PLN
8. Trond Eidsvig – Norway – 201,040 PLN
9. Daniel Woolson – USA – 122,060 PLN

The European Poker Tour heads next to San Remo in Italy, home to the world’s most sexiest women under the age of whenever it is that chain smoking cigarettes and eating mama’s spaghetti and homemade cannolis finally do their damage. Some of our favorites include Martina Stella, Melissa Satta, Rosario Cannavò, Elena Santarelli, Camilla Sjoberg, Giorgia Palmas, and Francesca Lukasik, who you see above.

Until Italy, enjoy:

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