EPT San Remo Brings In Strong Field Too

2010 EPT San Remo champ Liv Boeree won't be flushing the competition this year, as she busted on Day 1B.

While we don’t expect to see Euro tournament face the same drop-off as U.S. land-based events in the wake of 4/15TM, well,  you never know.

So it was encouraging to see the EPT San Remo bring in a field of 987. While a couple hundred fewer than the 1,240 than from last year, we’re not going to shit all over a field approaching 1,000, especially with over 400 of the top U.S. circuit grinders giving the first ever WPT event in Florida the old college try.

With Days 1A and 1B in the books, Ruben Visser is the overall chip leader, stacked at 251,500. He’s followed by last year’s EPT Grand Final champ Nicolas Chouity with 233,400.

A total of 460 remain. Some notables include but are certainly not limited to Victor Ramdin (190,500), Vanessa Selbst, a woman who likes women (161,500), Joe Cada 135,500, Ted Forrest (90,100), and Xuan Lui, a woman (64,400).

Last year’s champ, Liv Boeree, a woman, busted.

Aleksandr Khizhnyak has 67,800.

First place pay $930,000 (EUR). Get full chip counts here.



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