EPT San Remo: Italy’s Dario Minieri and US America’s Jason Mercier Lead Final Table

Elisabetta GregoraciThis EPT San Remo report presented by 28-year-old Italian TV showgirl Elisabetta Gregoraci. The ambitious Italian hottie is most famous for “allegedly” banging a high-ranking public official to land a spot on a television show and is now banging some rich Italian dude 31 years her senior. See more of her on the Internet.

The final table at the EPT San Remo in Italy is set with the home country’s Dario Minieri the chip leader with 1,832,000 in chips, and US American Jason Mercier in second with 1,591,000.

Minieri, who we first noticed at the 2006 WSOP, more for his scarf-wearing, femmi-bambino-ish looks than his hyper-aggro playing style, is no doubt the home turf favorite and will be looking for his first major tournament win. Minieri is a regular fixture at the virtual tables on PokerStars as well as the European Poker Tour and WSOP. His biggest cash so far was at the EPT Baden in 2006 where he finished third.

Mercier, who hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is playing in only his second live tournament and is seeking to be the third US American to take home an EPT title in Season 4. Check out an interview PL’s Arthur Cowson did with Jason ahead of the final table here. Another US American, Marcus Bower, has also made the final eight although he’s severely shortstacked with just 278,000.

The player with the most wicked poker chops at the final table is Scandi William Thorson, who has his work cut out for him with only 418,000 in chips.

Player most likely to have you whacked if you suck out on the river against him: Italy’s Gregory Genovese, who’s stacked with 694,000.

Also at the final table are two Frenchies, Anthony Lellouche and Eric Koskas, who have somehow not yet surrendered their chips (1,192,000 and 449,000, respectively) to other players.

The full final table at the EPT San Remo below and clicktastic photos of Elisabetta Gregoraci below that:

Dario Minieri (Italy) – 1,832,000
Jason Mercier (USA) – 1,591,000
Anthony Lellouche (France) – 1,192,000
Gregory Genovese (Italy) – 694,000
Dag Palovic (Slovakia) – 585,000
Eric Koskas (France) – 449,000
William Thorson (Sweden) – 418,000
Marcus Bower (USA) – 278,000



3 Responses

  1. BJ Nemeth

    April 5, 2008 12:56 am, Reply

    Are you sure you first noticed Dario Minieri at the 2006 WSOP? While he played in the 2006 WSOP (and made a shallow cash in the main event), he didn’t show up on most media radars until the 2007 WSOP, when he claimed the chip lead in the main event in Harry Potter-ish fashion.

  2. snake

    April 5, 2008 8:30 am, Reply

    are you really questioning that? yes we’re sure. if you’re familiar with our WSOP coverage you shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. BJ Nemeth

    April 5, 2008 9:38 am, Reply

    I tried to find reference to him from 2006, but my Google results weren’t up to the task. My bad!

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