Erica Schoenberg Is a Pitbull With Lipstick


Erica Schoenberg somehow managed to get hotter and did it without surgery.

See, if there’s one thing we’re a sucker for in a girl it’s big boobs morally casual attitude being a cougar swallowing smarts being a mute a good healthy smart-ass attitude. Schoenberg showed us she was capable of it with her fashion tips article. And now she scores some hits in her latest blog.

The basic gist is Erica caught some over-the-top slandering of her fiance David Benyamine in his Rail Heaven table on Full Tilt Poker.

The dude taking shots at Mr. B (as she calls him) she says was “Pyrinnaid.” Schoenberg comes out swinging, calling Pyrinnaid the “typical NL ass-clown” (i.e. doesn’t play any other games) and that he probably:

“…started playing [poker] in high school or college, probably after discovering poker through his Magic the Gathering friends.”

She goes on to say how young, arrogant kids like him make a big splash, talk shit, then go broke (often to guys like Benyamine).

Read the full post here. She unnecessarily posted another blog today making sure everyone knew she wasn’t talking about all young online players. No need for that. Take your pwning and walk away. But regardless, read that here.

UPDATES: Poker Listings has a good follow-up on David Benyamine and Jay “pr1nnyraid” Rosenkrantz here. And thanks to reader Jim for the link to pr1nnyraid’s blog here.


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