Erica Schoenberg Is Pretty


The ridiculously pretty Erica Schoenberg singlehandedly prettied up Howard and Suzie Lederer's World Series of BBQ the other night.

We’re not sure what it is about Erica Schoenberg but she gets more and more attractive and cooler every time we see her. At this pace, she’s going to catch up to us in the looks and coolness department, and people will expect us to get together to form some kind of “beautiful people” power couple. Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and Posh or Michael Jackson and Maccaulay Culkin. Only problem is, the three of us are currently married and she’s with David Benyamine. All small hurdles though. Well except for Benyamine. Nothing small about that hurdle.

Photos above and below of Erica performing karaoke with someone else and Robert Williamson’s elbow.

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