Erica Schoenberg Loves David Benyamine For His Body and Other EPT Grand Final News

EptlogoBy the time we could turn the yacht around and make our way back to Monte Carlo for the EPT Grand Final, the tournament would be over, so we’re stuck getting reports over the so-called "Internet", which isn’t so bad considering the superb coverage the folks over at and are doing. 
Of note, Owen Laukkanen and the PokerListings gang are all over the action at the tables like Jenna Jameson’s plastic surgeon on her pink parts, except they’re not botching the job. Check out their live updates here where you can read about how Atlanta’s Josh Arieh and Chad Brown/Lorenzo Lamas are repping the U.S. well as they sit atop the leaderboard on Day 2, and check out Owen’s daily blogs on the EPT here.
Pauly and his fellow PokerNewsers meanwhile are doing a great and entertaining job of tracking the action and shooting video at the EPT Grand Final. Check their day two updates here (especially the Arieh "Billy Madison" bit) and be sure to head over to Tao of Poker to see the Monte Carlo version of a table-side masseuse.

After the jump, video evidence, courtesy of PokerNews, that Erica Schoenberg only likes David Benyamine for his amazing body and youthful exuberance.

Link to video here.


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