Erick Lindgren, Not Amy Winehouse, Wins FTOPS Event #9

Erick Lindgren wins FTOPS Event #9Full Tilt Poker pro Erick Lindgren beat out a massive field of online poker players last night to capture the top prize in Event #9 of the FTOPS, the $300+$22 NLHE tournament. The high-stakes golfer and two-time WPT champ banked $291,748.57 for the win, more than 10 times what Paris Hilton’s new flick The Hottie and the Nottie grossed this weekend.

Lindgren, who ironically was the host of the event that drew 5637 players, became the first Full Tilt pro to ever take down a FTOPS event.

According to this poker blog, the final two hands had people chatbox-ing “Fixed.” First, Lindgren flopped trip sixes to his opponent’s queens up, and then on the final hand held JJ and drew runner-runner diamonds for a flush when his opponent flopped a set of queens.

As expected, because people are dumb, some 2p2ers are crying “rigged” this morning over at this thread.

For complete results from Event #9, click here.

Not sure where we were going with that headline. Something about Amy Winehouse being the big winner last night at the Grammy’s by taking home five awards and that we think she’s kind of hot in a “come on baby, get out of that garbage can for a second and blow my crack pipe” kind of way.

In related news, Herbie Hancock is still alive and released an album in 2007. We’re not shittin’ ya.


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  1. BJ Nemeth

    February 11, 2008 11:34 am, Reply

    “As expected, because people are dumb, some 2p2ers are crying “rigged” this morning …”
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. But I’ll try anyway, since that’s the kind of guy I am.
    Would the tournament have seemed “more” fixed to these idiots if he had caught running jacks for quads on the last hand? Would the tournament have seemed “less” fixed if the flop brought a jack instead of a queen, and Lindgren won with a set? What if those were Lindgren’s queens, and they held up against the other player’s jacks?
    Congrats to Erick Lindgren, who is a much better player than his record indicates. (And his record is pretty frikkin’ strong.)
    People who find this unusual to the level of a conspiracy don’t understand poker.

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