Erick Lindgren’s WSOP Comes to an End, ‘Friends and Family’ Guy Has Half a Mil


For all we know this guy on the right could be Brian Schaedlich, the current chipleader.

In big-name big news 2008 WSOP Player of the Year Erick Lindgren just saw his redunkulous 2008 World Series of Poker come to an end after the dinner break on Day 2A. Our live reporter was on hand to witness the hand E-Dog busted out on and here’s how it went down: Lindgren played a hand and ended up getting all of his chips in before it was over and he lost.

In no-name big news a guy who his friends and family call Brian Schaedlich and everyone else refers to as “hey you” is the first player to cross the half a million mark, or about 3% of what the average chip stack will be at the final table in November. Just in case he Jamie Golds this tournament we’ll mention his name again. It’s Brian Schaedlich, and apparently he qualified via a $135 satellite.

In not-so-related news, Keeley Hazell and Vikki Blows.


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