Erik Seidel Continues To Do Horrible Things to 2011

The 2011 tournament circuit is under the table.

On January 1st, 2011, Erik Seidel had a conversation with 2011.* It forever changed the course of poker for the year.

The conversation went something like this: “2011 tournament circuit, it’s me. Erik. With Full Tilt. No, not Lindgren. Seidel, the good-looking one. Yeah, yeah, the one from Rounders. Fuck you. Why does everyone always bring that up? You realize I’ve absolutely eviscerated Johnny Chan in every measurable way in poker and in life since then, right? It’s like I reverse Dunkleman’d him. Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to do horrible things to you, 2011 tournament circuit. Why? Because I’m Erik Freaking Seidel, that’s why. Are you familiar with a little something NBA players call The Trinity? No? Good. Then here’s what going to happen. First, I’m doing this to you. It’s going to be like you were cleaning the cobra pit, got bit, and you’re trying to suck venom out of your arm knowing if you don’t get it all out, that’s it, you’re done. By the way, I’m hung like Shaq. Then I’m going to bend you over and this is going to happen. Yep. I’ll even wear that exact same costume, just to mess with you. Try to get that image out of your head. You can’t. Next, we’ll do a little Haley Reinhart, or what can best be described as this. And just when you think that’s it, I’m done, I can’t do any more, to cap it all off, the coup de gras–that’s a French expression, by the way–I’m going to do something that resembles this. Don’t ask, just trust me, I can pull it off.”

With 9 remaining at the WPT Hollywood Poker Open, Seidel is stacked third overall with 526,000. He trails overall chip leader Steve Barshak (seen here, right foreground, in an impressive Girls on the Rail shot) with 601,000.

Other notables remaining include Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler (226,000), Ali Eslami (204,000), and Thomas Marchese (182,500).

Get full chip counts here. Watch the latest Jess & BJ Show here.

UPDATE: That was quick. Play went from 9 to 6, and Erik Seidel 69’d the tournament, going into TV final table play third overall at 645,000. William Reynolds leads with 1,169,000. Tom Marchese is fifth with 175,000. Chainsaw went out in 8th and overnight chip leader Steve Barshak bubbled the TV table. Get full chip counts and recap here.


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