ESPN Inside Deal Premiered

Inside Deal,’s new weekly poker show, premiered yesterday.

Episode one featured Chris Moneymaker (he’s some guy who won some tournament once). While Face the Ace is a great concept that was poorly executed, Inside Deal is pretty straight forward (weekly news mag show), but it’s really well done. Assuming everyone Everyone just needs to lighten up, settles in, and start having fun. That happens, and it could be yet another solid step forward to poker reaching a broader sports audience…if gets off the schnide and promote it on the homepage.

Hopefully episode two has the “Laura Lane sexy photo shoot” segment in it. Feldman, make that happen.


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  1. Viticus

    August 5, 2009 8:56 am, Reply

    Are the going to show the winners of the Sunday Majors if they consist of names like DoobeySmoke420, I8URMOM, or Sckn&Fckn911?

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