ESPN to Shoot WSOP in HD (Joanna Krupa, Please Play Again)

Joannakwsop15Joanna Krupa’s ridiculous hotness (hopefully she’s back), Jennifer Tilly’s fantabulous cleavage and Anna Benson’s supreme bitch-itude (she needs the publicity so she’ll be there), along with thousands of poker schlubs screaming “That’s what I’m talking about” after sucking someone out on the river (still gay sounding), will be seen for the first time in high definition on ESPN this summer when the sports network shoots the WSOP in HD.

While we welcome this news and anxiously await the day we get to see top notch athletes like Takeru Kobayashi devouring hot dogs and Krystal burgers in HD, ESPN viewers who don’t watch or play poker have another reason to bitch about the game being broadcast on ESPN.


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  1. Kajagugu

    April 20, 2007 2:22 pm, Reply

    It wouldn’t sounds as gay if it was “sucking out on someone on the river” instead of “sucking someone out on the river”. But I gays you had something else in mind when you wrote this? Huh?

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