Everybody Loves the Featured Table

Everybody Love Ray Romano at the ESPN featured table

That guy from that show everybody (over 60) loved is at the featured table now.

In an effort to maybe swing the Day 2A ratings from the depths that are sure to happen from the Chau Giang experiment this morning, ESPN has now placed Nielson’s champ Ray Romano, star of that sitcom your parents loved, at the featured table.

Romano could best be described as "on life supportTM" with around 16,000.

Not "on life supportTM" is Brian Schaedlich, who currently is stacked at 500,000. Other big name big stacks include Robert Mizrachi (242,000), Brandon Adams (232,000), Jason Lester/Al Krux (same guy, 216,000), and Johnny "World" Hennigan, a closet ginger (193,000).

Get full chip counts here.


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