Evy Ng and Lex Veldhuis Did Not Get Engaged

If you are to believe everything you read on Facebook and forgotten that it’s April Fool’s Day, then you probably would’ve fallen for the status update that stated Evelyn Ng and Lex Veldhuis had gotten engaged this morning.

Fortunately, the second we hit the publish button on this one, it donned on us that it was probably B.S., which it was, but that made us remember that April Fool’s is friggin’ retarded. “Hey I’m pregnant!/We’re engaged!/Wrecked my car!/Killed the dog!/Fucked your best friend!/Changed our name to Topeka!” Hardy har har.

While we love Evy, at least it’s good to know that Lex won’t be going from the uber-aggressive maniac that he is to some brow-beaten, castrated shell of himself that apologizes to his table for sucking out with AQ vs AK.

For a reminder of what one of the greatest pranks ever was though (albeit not an April Fool’s), watch this. Please share any links you have of other great pranks.


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  1. shamrockbaby

    April 2, 2010 7:02 pm, Reply

    Plus, I think HSP should try and find someone who has less personality than Lex. He kinda overwhelms the show and should really tone it down. His charisma is overwhelming.

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