Evy Ng Is Just Like The Rest of Us

Watch Evelyn Ng is the Tetris Master on RawVegas.tv

Aside from being a super-cute six-foot tall Asian female poker player, Evelyn Ng is just like the rest of his.

She loves playing Guitar Hero and Tetris. She likes Phil Ivey‘s chances at the November NineTM. And the condo she’s renting is being foreclosed on and she’ll probably have to move soon.

Just your average, every day, six-foot tall super-cute female Asian poker player.


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  1. DicePanda

    August 6, 2009 9:14 am, Reply

    What am I missing here…

    Evy pays rent on condo –> money pays mortgage. Right?

    Gues this means:

    Rent on condo –> pocket of irresponsible jerk.

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