Exclusive BoDawg.com “Cracker Pack” Photos


Be it Calvin Ayre’s appearance on the cover of Forbes, the raid of the Bodog compound, the (questionable) lawsuit over Calvin Ayre’s Wild Card Poker, or the David Williams’ porn "scandal,” Bodog is getting more ink lately than Lucky Diamond Rich

And, as we promised last week, we have yet another breaking Bodog story.  The above photo and the ones after the jump were emailed exclusively to Wicked Chops Poker by someone claiming to be named Cooter Ayre, the alleged step-brother of Calvin Ayre.  Cooter, who hails from Coweta County, Georgia, says he is starting a new online site called BoDawg.com and that he has picked up three of the best, undiscovered talents in poker: Cleetus Pornson, Skeeter Rea, and Amos Mu, known collectively as "The Cracker Pack."

When Wicked Chops Poker asked for an official BoDawg statement, Cooter faxed a letter to our office, saying, “The Cracker Pack is the most cracker party pack in the poker universe. No party in the poker universe is cracker enough unless the BoDawg Cracker Pack is crackering it up.”

While we find troubling BoDawg’s use of the Wicked Chops Poker Brand‚Ñ¢ in these photos taken at Cooter’s Coweta County compound, and feel that it is exploiting our good name as well as Bodog’s, we have chosen to publish them to show just how "Ayre"-ily similar they are to the Bodog “Rat Pack” photos taken by Gambling911.com’s Christopher Costigan, or at least they’re close enough, considering it was hot as balls when they were taken and we, uh, they, or whoever, were understaffed after firing off all the interns. Those bastards finished off the company’s cheese puffs without replacing them.

Please go visit Gambling911.com. Frequently. Or else they may sue us.

All of the Cracker Pack photos showing us just how cracker they are after the jump…

The Cracker Pack crackerin’ around the compound.
Cw2 Dw2
Cleetus Pornson contemplating over Coweta County.
BoDawg’s Cracker Pack and Cooter hanging out by the compound’s 4’x4′ luxurious pool.
Cooterayre2 Calvinayre2
BoDawg’s Cooter Ayre billion dollar smile.
BoDawg’s improper use of the Wicked Chops Poker Brand‚Ñ¢. Lawsuit pending.
Editorial note: The above story appears in place of a previously planned story, which would have had a ridiculous alliterative headline like “Bluemoon Barks Back at Bodog with More Legal Bitchin'” and which would have told you that Bluemoon, the piss-poor doccie maker now suing Bodog over Calvin Ayre’s Wild Card Poker show, has amended its complaint to add additional allegations and new claims against both Bodog and Fox Sports Net. Bore yourself with Bluemoon’s legal bitchin’ by reading said amended complaint, which was emailed to us last night by someone who likes to email us legal documents, here (pdf). Now read the real breaking Bodog story below.

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  1. Jason

    April 26, 2006 8:58 pm, Reply

    now that is some funny shit…you guys have way too much time on your hands dont you??
    if the silo was supposed to be like the highrise in the bodog photo…then brilliant
    and the pool…classic

  2. Rob S.

    April 27, 2006 7:40 am, Reply

    Ok i just spit my coffee out laughing…the Cleetus/David Williams photos side by side is hilarious…unbelievably funny…can we now expect a Cleetus porn clip???

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