F#@& Yeh! Amit Wins Omaha Main Event

FbombDuring heads-up in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha championship, a faintly heard F-bomb dropped by overwhelming chip leader Rafi Amit cost him a 10-minute penalty, about $200,000 in chips and possibly his first gold bracelet. The Israeli had just assumed massive control over Vietnamese pro Vinny Vinh in an all-in pot that left Vinh with only $95,000 in chips and Amit with $1,555,000. But just as the fat lady got ready to take the stage to belt out her song, Amit belted out a “Fuck” that, according to tournament rules, would require the tournament director to administer a 10-minute penalty against him. As one would expect from someone a bet or two away from the title, an argument ensued, rail birds went crazy but in the end the ruling stuck and Amit was left watching his blinds slide across the felt over to Vinh during the penalty period.

When play started back up, Vinh’s stack had jumped to $286,000 but it still was Amit’s title to lose. With Amit fired up, the play and banter was aggressive for almost an hour, then settled down, without much movement in stacks. On the final hand, after a flop of Js-7d-2s, Vinny Vinh tossed $82,000 in, Amit raised, and Vinh responded with an “All-in.” Vinh showed Kd-Ks-5h-2h for a pair of kings, but Amit had him beat with Jd-10h-7h-6s for two pair, jacks and sevens. Vinh failed to improve and finished 2nd, earning $282,280. Amir earned $511,835 for his win, and most importantly, his first WSOP bracelet.

It was an impressive feat for the 25-year-old player who was up against the best Pot-Limit Omaha players in the world. This was the first year of this $10,000 event and while only 165 runners registered, it was a who’s who of PL Omaha with a large number of players from across the Atlantic where PL Omaha is played way more frequently by the top pros. In fact, 11 of the final 18 players were European, and the remaining were veterans like Erik Seidel and Todd Brunson, both bracelet winners this year and both still seated when it got down to the final table. But Seidel would be only able to hold on to 8th place in his 3rd final table appearance this year and Brunson would go out in 6th.


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