Fantazzle SuperStakes Sundays Fantasy Football Game

If Victoria Moore played fantasy football, she'd probably play Fantazzle SuperStakes Sunday. Just sayin'...

If you watched This Week in Poker a couple of eps ago, you know we’re pretty big fantasy football junkies.

So starting this Sunday the 26th, our old friend at Fantazzle will be having kind of like the equivalent of the PokerStars Sunday Millions–but for fantasy–and not quite for millions (yet). Here are the details (get them here too):

  • $200 entry fee–starting week 3 (this week) there’s a guaranteed $5,000 prize pool. You can also satellite into the league for as little as $10.
  • While remaining under a cap of $1M, you pickĀ 2QBs/3RBs/3WRs/2TEs who you think will score the most fantasy points.
  • You choose your line-up weekly–so you’re looking for match-ups.
  • There’s a 100% payout in the league (i.e. no juice).

There’s also a deposit bonus from 10% to 25%. Aaaand this weekend you can do redeposits and get the same bonus deal on the redeposits as you do on the first deposit.

Pretty sweet deal, especially the $5k guarantee. To learn more, go to Fantazzle here.


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