Faraz Jaka Crushing 2012 PCA Main Event

Faraz Jaka has almost lapped the field at the 2012 PCA Main Event.

With 183 remaining at the 2012 PCA Main Event, Faraz Jaka has built a huge chip lead, nearly doubling the stack of his nearest competitor.

Jaka enters Day 3 stacked at 902,500. The closest player to him isĀ Cristian Folescu with 555,500.

A total of 160 will get paid. Some notables remaining include little Asian hottie Xuan Liu, a woman (216,000), last year’s champ Galen Hall (192,500), Phil Collins (166,500), Carlos Mortensen (146,500), and Liv Boeree, a woman (90,500).

Get full chip counts here.

* Photo courtesy PokerStars Blog.


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