Faraz Jaka Really Wants to Be WPT POY

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With 18 remaining, Faraz Jaka reclaimed the chip lead at the WPT Championship.

Jaka, who currently holds the lead for WPT Player of the Year, has expressed behind-the-scenes how much he’d like to earn the honors, and is playing like it too. That was a really poorly constructed sentence.

While Jaka holds the chip lead with 3,117,000, he doesn’t necessarily have the title locked up yet…right BJ? A bunch of big names/waist-lines still remain. David Benyamine is second overall with 2,350,000. David Williams (above discussing if he can take down the title) is third overall with 2,072,000.

Also remaining are old-schooler Billy Baxter (1,630,000), Phil Hellmuth (1,377,000), Shawn Buchanan (1,224,000), a looking-to-make-back-to-back-WPT-Championship-final-tables Scotty Nguyen (941,000), Eric Baldwin (880,000), JJ Liu, a woman (674,000), Johnny “Cliff Josephy” Bax (458,000), Jason Lester/Al Krux (421,000), Josh Arieh (303,000), and Matt Stout (274,000).

Heather Sue Mercer was eliminated in 21st.

Get full chip counts here.


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