A Farewell Kimberly Lansing Photo Dump; Lynn Gilmartin New Anchor



The WPT today announced the departure of long-time hostess/anchor and FOWCP Kimberly Lansing.

Lansing is leaving the show to be a full-time mom (in a pretty nice pad, too). She’ll be replaced by Alpha8 hostess and rapidly rising poker star Lynn Gilmartin.

Says WPT president Adam Pliska of the departure/arrival:

“Kimberly will always be part of the WPT family, even if she’s no longer sitting in the anchor’s chair. We’re saddened by her departure as Kim helped define the anchor role and elevate the World Poker Tour episodes to another level. We’re thrilled that Lynn is able to step in and carry on the tradition of providing the expertise and fun Kim has brought to our events and broadcasts over the past few years.”

Looks like the Kim lovefest actually had some staying power afterall. A big swing and bitter miss on that one.

Read more about the WPT anchor switcheroo here.

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Amber Gaming: the poker platform with a plan

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