Feldman First at WSOPC Harrah’s, Ivey, Smith, Corkins Among Leaders

Hoytcorkins_1 With only 27 player remaining, Peter Feldman, who is not related to ESPN Poker Club’s Andrew Feldman, awesome ’80’s actor Corey Feldman, or Tiltboy Perry Friedman, leads the WSOP Circuit championship in the Big Easy.

Feldman is stacked at 143,700.  Right behind Feldman is poker’s future all-time great, Phil Ivey.  Ivey will start the day tomorrow with 138,600. Day 1 chip leader Gavin Smith is still near the top, sitting fourth overall with 116,900. And fifth overall with an even 100,000 is the man whose last name sounds like something we’d least want to ever have happen to us, Hoyt Corkins.

WCP: "Man, I got thrown in the clink last night, and this big burly biker Corkin’d me."

FOWCP: "Ah dude, you’ve been Corkin’d!"

WCP: "Yeah, I hope nobody ever Corkins me again."

FOWCP: "I hear ya.  Last year I was throw in a cell overnight and some victor Ramdin’d me.  Not fun."

WCP: "Trust me, I’d take a ramdin over a good ol’ fashioned corkins any day."

Chip counts at Poker Wire.


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