FIGHT! ElkY, Lex Veldhuis to Have MMA Battle Next Week

One thing this Lex Veldhuis-ElkY fight could use to make it even more watchable: MMA ring girl Stephanie Ann Cook.

First, there was Gus Hansen vs Theo Jorgensen. Then, there was Liv Boeree vs Melissa Castello. And of course, there was the epic Jeff Madsen vs Blow-Up Beer Can tangle during the WSOP.

Now, poker awaits its latest battle: Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier vs Lex Veldhuis.

The MMA-style fight is set to take place November 22nd. According to Veldhuis’ blog, the fight will be 5 three-minute rounds and will not allow any head-butts, elbows (smart move) or kicks to the groin (smarter move).

ElkY has apparently been training for the fight for about two years. Regardless, Veldhuis thinks of himself as the favorite because (among other reasons) he has a year-and-a-half of boxing training, EklY is not a “natural athelete,” and also probably because ElkY, who is from France, is from France.

Read more about the fight here.

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