Final 2009 WSOP Main Event Final Table Heads-Up Photo and Link Dump

Who's the bigger winner tonight? Mikey!!!

Who's the bigger winner tonight? Mikey!!!

The final table went about two hours longer than most of “us” figured. Darvin Moon, a ginger logger, played better than many thought he was capable. “Some” might even say he outplayed Joe Cada. But in the end, Cada prevailed, becoming the youngest WSOP Main Event champ in history. (Side note: the above photo kind of has a Steve Dannenmann/Salty Joe Hachem feel to it, doesn’t it?)

As we noted earlier, while the final table itself was excruciatingly long, there was a ton of drama on key hands and a great storyline of Joe Cada coming from 2.3M in chips to become the eventual winner. Should easily be the most compelling final table from a TV perspective in poker history.

A flood of news from the past couple of days, so in case you missed anything, follow the links:

:: Darvin Moon said at the press conference that he had a criminal past and then told us he was “just kidding.” But he does. And then there’s this too. Just when you thought you didn’t know a guy…
:: This former Playboy model said her mouth could only fit so much. Hee-hee!
:: Dani “Ansky” Stern joins the Brunson 10.
:: The final final table Inside Deal.
:: Jeffrey Pollack‘s final 2009 WSOP vlog.
:: Mike Sexton‘s Poker Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
:: AlCantHang tweeted: “Dennis Phillips pounced upon Darvin Moon when he left the cage.” Which reminded us of this.
:: More of The Maven.
:: Dr. Pauly‘s play-by-play of the final table action.
:: And finally, thank you to whoever gave us our all-time favorite Google search hit: is phil ivey black. Really? You need Google for that?

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9 Responses

  1. bob

    November 10, 2009 2:21 pm, Reply

    Why does the media give so much attention to poker players who have had a past run-in with the law? They did the same thing to Chino Rheem last year during the WSOP.

    It strikes me that they are trying to insinuate that all poker players are criminals…I don’t think poker players are any more apt to exhibit criminal behavior then any other group…or maybe because of the fact that poker involves “lying and deception” as a part of the game that the news media thinks that we’re more apt to be criminals.

    The reason this strikes a chord with me…is that I’ve had a run-in with the law myself. I didn’t kill anyone…didn’t steal…didn’t ultimately hurt anyone but myself…but because of job prospects were damaged pretty severely over a single stupid mistake I made.

    One of the reasons why I play poker is to make money obviously. I like the fact I can do it…and there’s no job interview, or background or reference checks. The only judging that is done of me…is on my playing ability…nothing else.

    The same should be true of people with criminal records and their ability to do a job. Sure..if the person was convicted of stealing…they shouldn’t be allowed to work in a bank handling money…but come on…at least have the criminal offense be “related” to the job in question before summarily refusing to employ someone because of a mistake they made.

    Do I like playing poker? Yes I do. Do I “want” to work a regular job-job? Yes I do. (i’ve got a masters level education). But unfortunately society has put so many barriers in place to make that so difficult…that poker really is my only viable alternative at the present time.

  2. Brian G.

    November 10, 2009 2:55 pm, Reply

    Who cares what Moon did? Makes him no different that most of us and in fact probably makes him fir in better with the degenerate poker world.

    As for Phillips, I am sure he punced on hin trying to get him signed with Poker Stars so he could get a cut. Phillips is a total scumbag.

  3. Lee

    November 12, 2009 7:48 pm, Reply

    yeah, i was surprised. moon brought it heads-up. don’t know about the last call all-in with q-j. but other than that good aggression.

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