Finally, A Final Table Pros Can Be Proud Of…


Wouldn’t want to be the amateur at this final table.

The 10 remaining players in Event #13 of the WSOP ($5,000 No Limit Hold’em) are almost all brand-name, seasoned pros.  What are the odds of that?  Rounders include: TJ Cloutier (5 WSOP bracelets), Johnny  "World" Hennigan (2 bracelets), Todd Brunson (think his dad is someone important or something, can’t remember), Tony Ma (2 bracelets), John Bonetti (3 bracelets), Gavin Smith (WPT winner), Jason Berilgen (cashed in two major events), and Dustin Woolf (cashed in Event #7). 

Of course, a relative unknown named Neal Wang (tempted to make the obvious Wang Chung joke…too easy…can’t…but will just allude to it…with that beaut of a picture above) is the chip leader, with $630,500.  Henningen is second with $363,500, and fan-fave Cloutier is not far behind with $281,500. 


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