Fire Up the Poker News (and Girls)

Camillasjoberg:: Fascism spreads to the UK as more than 1,000 online gambling sites may not be able to advertise there after September 1. Seriously, did the West lose a war? [PokerListings]

:: Camilla Sjoberg (right) is the hottest Italian chick we’ve seen in the past cinque minuti. [Gorilla Mask (NSFW)]

:: Utah, a state that sometimes creeps the fuck out of us, is getting even creepier as it sends out letters to online poker players warning they could be in violation of state laws. [Gambling 911]

:: World Poker Tour signs exclusive deal with Card Player, thus shutting out other media outlets. On the good news front, WPT video host Kimberly Lansing is sexy cute. [THE Poker Biz][Video of Kimberly Lansing]

Vikki_blows:: Black hair Brit pixie Vikki Blows (left) is a dirty girl with a dirty name who gives us dirty thoughts. [Maxim UK]

:: Nine out of 10 penises agree that Megan Fox is the hottest chick in Hollywood right now. [Popoholic]

:: After losing Full Tilt Poker as a sponosr, the Moscow Millions has been rescheduled for Nov. 24-26. [Card Player]

:: We’re guessing Shay Laren is what they call a lingerie model. [Horny Oyster]

UPDATE: If the Vikki Blows link doesn’t work above, search her name on the site or go become her MySpace friend and ask her to send you some pics. She’d like that.


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