Florian Langmann, Not a Woman, Marcel Baran, Also Not a Woman, Lead EPT London Final Table

BaranPlay is underway at the 2007 EPT London final table and a bunch of Euros you’ve never heard of remain.

The current chipleaders are Florian Langmann (1,241,000), who’s not a woman despite a womany sounding name, and Marcel Baran (856,000), at right, who’s not a woman despite a womany looking face.

Get full chip counts from PokerNews.com here.


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  1. Johnny Hughes

    September 30, 2007 8:09 am, Reply

    Hey Pals,
    Remember, as Iron Drawers used to say often, women have most of the money and all of the pussy. You are taking the worst of it badmouthing them all the time. Lighten up or face that legendary scorn we have heard about forever.
    Johnny Hughes

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