For the Hump, Keeley Hazell + More After the Jump

Keeleyarena5In advance of Harrahs’ announcement that Bluff Magazine will be the official digital media provider of the World Series of Poker and in what may or may not be a weekly hump day tradition, we offer AFTER THE JUMP a Keeley Hazell video moment of her on the beach in LA, once again showing her aversion to bikini tops (yes it’s NSFW), followed by links that have nothing to do with poker and everything to do with Sophie Anderton, Daniela Pestova, April Scott, the Australian Bikini Cricket Team, and a video of Olivia Munn talking oral with Anna David.

Happy Wednesday.

:: Sophie Anderton Makes a Smart Career Move – According to, British bikini/lingerie model and reality show hussy Sophie Anderton is the latest with a sex tape, which these days is pretty much like a headshot/acting resume for any wannabe starlet or the modern day version of giving some producer a lewinsky for a two bit part in a film. If you don’t know who Sophie Anderton is, go introduce yourself here and here.

Danielapestova:: Daniela Pestova is Still a Fave – When Keeley Hazell was 9, Daniela Pestova was appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which really puts things into perspective, somehow, but not as much as this endless page of photos of Daniela Pestova over at

:: Hot Chick Bikini Cricket Is All the Rage…We Hope – How do you make the game of cricket watchable? Film a bunch of Aussie chicks in bikinis playing cricket, except replace “playing cricket” with “bending over suggestively and rubbing themselves with a cricket ball.” See it on video over at

Aprilscottdukesdvd:: We’re So Proud of April Scott – Actress/model April Scott holds the distinction of being the first girl we posted about that had absolutely nothing to do with poker, and now almost 2 years later, Scott has moved on to bigger and better things…if starring as Daisy Duke in the straight-to-DVD Dukes of Hazzard flick, which hits stores this week, constitutes bigger and better things. Look back at the days when Scott was just a small town Friday Night Parting Shot Girl on Wicked Chops Poker.

:: Expert Insight: Conquering Cunninglingus with Olivia Munn and Anna David – We have to be honest, we don’t know anything about Olivia Munn, except that she looks like this and hosts G4TV’s “Attack of the Show,” apparently. And oh yeah, we know she gets turned on when she talks about “how to go down on girl” with sex columnist Anna David, as seen in this video below. Hey Rafe and Phil…sign these chicks up for your next instructional video.

Link to Oliva Munn-Anna David video here.


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  1. john

    March 14, 2007 6:06 am, Reply

    Seems like British lingerie model Sophie Anderton is trying to follow in the footsteps of Keeley Hazell.
    I can’t imagine what a Sophie Anderton sex tape would be worth to some of those girlie magazines. A hell of a lot.
    Funny how these “leaked” sex tapes just seem to follow one another. The girls just don’t seem to learn.
    Anyway I’m sure the big free porn sites like will have that tape soon, if they don’t already.
    I wonder how many Google searches on “Sophie Anderton” are going to occur in the next few days!

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