Forgive Me for Cheating, Says Jamie Gold

Jamiegold2_1_1After getting bounced from Bodog’s pro team, settling up his legal shenanigans with Crispin Leyser before he lost even more of his $12 million and repeatedly goose-egging it at major tournaments and on TV since the WSOP, we didn’t think we’d hear much from Jamie Gold for awhile, which was pretty foolish for us to think since Gold is basically like a case of herpes, which the game of poker first contracted last August. Disappearing at times only to pop up every so often to remind us how bad it’s gotten since those final days last summer.

And so like herpes, or that girl from the Lotto & Groceries store who keeps calling us saying one of us is her baby’s daddy, there was Jamie Gold popping up again today, this time chatting it up in a New York Times article about his regrets from the World Series of Poker and how easy it was to settle the lawsuit with Leyser.

In the article, written by a guy suspiciously named Steve “Chips” Freiss, Gold admitted to what we all already knew, that he was guilty of colluding (aka “cheating”) at the table when he told a friend that he was in a hand with exactly what he had (“I said I had top/top! What are you doing? I said I had top/top.” – video evidence here) and that he inappropriately flashed one of his cards to a competitor, which at the Venetian’s $110 daily gets you a 10-minute penalty, no questions asked, but at the World Series of Poker feature table it only gets you more TV time.

Jamiewinning1“You should never flash a card,” Gold told Freiss. “I was just so caught up in the excitement of what was happening and I kind of just lost myself and I regret doing that. And I basically told a friend of mine what I had because I didn’t want him to bust out and that was also really inappropriate. And I’m going to make sure that doesn‚Äôt happen again. People are just going to have to forgive me.”

And while you may not be so forgiving, it looks like Phil Gordon, a longtime Gold critic, just may be. “It’s refreshing that Jamie can acknowledge that his behavior was inappropriate,” said Gordon in the article.

On the lawsuit with Leyser, Gold brushes it off as simple to resolve and merely a misunderstanding.

“The first moment we actually got into a room together, we settled it,” Gold said. “It’s just a misunderstanding and it’s behind me.”

For everything Gold said about the WSOP and his plans for the future, you can read the entire article here.

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  1. snake

    March 29, 2007 9:38 am, Reply

    It wasn’t Gold’s top top comment per se. It was his shaking his head at Kort immediately on the flop trying to tell him not to bet as he had the better hand. Then when Kort goes all in Jamie says he has top top and Kort says he has top top as well so Jamie calls the all-in with that info. When Kort shows he doesnt have top top Jamie said he wouldn’t have called had he known Kort had the weaker hand. Collusion all the way.

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