Forrest Griffin Proves Online Poker Isn’t Rigged

Gotta admit, sometimes it’s hard to remain objective about online poker. You know the situation. Some donk takes a hit, gets a little short-stacked, and starts push monkeying because he doesn’t know how to play himself back any other way. You just kind of want to punch the guy, who is probably some crazy ass Scandinavian or  punk from LA, but you can’t since this is online, so you end up punching your screen and have to buy a new laptop instead. Without fail when somebody calls the donk, he has some B.S. hand like J-9 and runner-runners a straight.

So at least it’s good to know that this kind of shit happens in live tourney play too.

UFC light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin came to play the WSOP Main Event straight from the hospital after his title fight. After the first break though, he was ready to go, so he went into push monkey mode with a series of blind bets, all-ins and calls.

On his first attempt, again without looking at his cards once during the hand, Forrest ends up hitting a boat with K-6. Perfect.

Only on Stars…oh…wait.

VIDEO: Forrest Griffin at 2008 WSOP Main Event


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  1. Rick Smithers

    July 8, 2008 3:17 pm, Reply

    Who’s the fag in the background that says “kick his ass Forest” after he wins the pot?

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