FOWCP Update: Vaughn at Feature Table, Dannenmann Says Hello, Lynette and Lacey Roll On and Stump Sitting Tight

VaughnfinaltableVaughn Sandman of Project Dirtbag is now at the ESPN feature table courtesy of Mike “The Mouth” Matusow joining his table, although Matusow went bust two hands into cameras rolling. Vaughn has sinced scooped a nice size pot and is stacked around 25k. Word is that Vaughn is “hot, hungry and a bit nervous” under the ESPN bright lights and is walking around between hands. No doubt he is ready for the dinner break just minutes away.

Lynettechanwsop2Lynette Chan was momentarily at the feature table but got bumped by “The Mike the Mouth Show.” We suppose obnoxious antics trump natural beauty for the ESPN suits. Perhaps Jeffrey Pollack was behind the move, if you know what we’re saying (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Chan, who is repping Full Tilt Poker as of this year’s WSOP, has around 13k. She has played several of the earlier events in this year’s WSOP but has taken the past 5 days off to rest for the main event.

Stevedwsop1While everyone else is moving from table to table, FOWCPs Steve Dannenmann, Lacey Jones and Stump are still in the same seats.

Dannenmann took some time to chat in between hands and says he’s ready to make things happen after playing 12 events so far in this WSOP without a cash. “I’ve been saving it up for the main event,” Dannenmann told Snake. He’s stacked at 22k before the dinner break.

Laceywsop3Lacey’s got about 12k and her table hasn’t lost one player yet. “No one’s making a move,” she explained.

Stump was stacked in the 7k range for awhile and now has about a grand more before the dinner break.

Jen Harman, who in a “funny twist of fate” was seated to the immediate left of her slowrolling, straight flush nemesis from the 2005 WSOP, Cory Zeidman, went on tilt early because she fucking hates Cory Zeidman and has since been eliminated. Jennifer Tilly, John Phan, and Hasan Habib are also among those already eliminated on Day 1C.

UPDATE: Players are back from dinner break and Stump’s stack is at 6,900. He’s had the same 9 guys at his table all day long and no one has yet to take control of the table. Stump has picked up pocket aces and queens in early position, but was unable to get much out of them. Other than that he’s been relatively card dead, and he’s thinking he may have to step up the aggression now with the hope he’ll find a hand that will pay it off.

UPDATE: Stumpy back up over 8k.


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