Frida Johansson Video Too Hot for CardPlayer Italia?

Maybe we should just keep quiet when we see a video we like.

First it was the “Wicked Chops Poker Rap” video performed by WPT hotties Layla Kayleigh and Kimberly Lansing, which was taken off YouTube soon after we posted it.

Then it was Layla Kayleigh‘s WPT outtakes video in which she joked around about having a Bindi dot while doing her best punjabi accent. A day after it was posted on Wicked Chops, it vanished.

And now today, we have CardPlayer Italia‘s voyeuristic video of sexy poker masseuse Frida Johansson at the EPT San Remo. Yep, you guessed it. It’s been deleted from YouTube only hours after we posted it here. Sure, it was a bit creepy in a perv, upskirt-ish like way but we figured if anyone could get away with it the Italians could. But we guess not.

If you have the scoop on its removal from YouTube, we’d love to know. In the meantime, to make up for the deletion, a quasi-NSFW video of Vikki Blows wearing not much of anything after the jump. Watch it while you can.

Watch on YouTube here.


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