Friday Night Parting Shot: Danielle Lloyd

Danielle_lloyd_1Danielle Lloyd, the absurdly hot British babe who was crowned Miss Great Britain 2006 only to have her title stripped this month after stripping for Playboy and amid allegations that she was dating aging footballer Teddy Sheringham while he was judging the pageant, looks a bit like a narrower version of Keeley Hazell to us, with some Shana Hiatt girl-next-door mixed in, which together makes her the most irresistible British girl we’ve seen since the last one we saw. In some photos, Danielle also has somewhat of a Lisa Marie Presley-ish face, if you stare at her long enough, which for some reason or another disqualifies her as a candidate for the OWCPG of 2007.

Besides being absurdly hot, notwithstanding the occasional LMP-ish-ness, Danielle is also apparently a bit of a card tosser. We got word today that the Liverpool native and her geezer boyfriend will be attending the third annual European Open in a few days. Whether she’ll last long like Joanna Krupa did at the WSOP or follow the bitch Benson and flame out early is yet to be seen but according to, the poker news site that covers poker news, Danielle says, “I play to win.”

Danielle was also chosen as one of the 50 finalists for the Hollywood Poker 2007 Calendar, but somehow was not chosen as one of the final 12, which is apparently the number of months there are in a year, per the calendar. Considering the photos of Danielle after the jump, the only reasonable explanation for her not being chosen is that she refused to sleep with either Woods or Van Patten, which we unequivocally know is a requirement for the gig because we assume that’s how these things work.

Daniellelloyd7Other than not being one of the Hollywood Poker Calendar Girls, it’s safe to say that Danielle won’t be the next Stephen Ambrose either. When appearing on Test the Nation, Danielle was asked “Who was Winston Churchill – A rapper, US President, Prime Minister or King?” Lloyd answered, “Wasn’t he the first black president of America? There’s a statue of him near me – that’s black.”

So silly, to think Winston Churchill was our first black president. Everyone knows it was Bill Clinton.

Lots of fun photos of Danielle after the jump and a video from the Miss Great Britain pageant that makes our Miss America look like a Cool Aid & Cookies Social for the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Damn the Brits do things right when it comes to parading barely dressed girls around on a stage.




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  1. jasdev

    May 23, 2007 4:40 am, Reply

    why dont you be naked . i would really like having SEX with you. you are the httest girl ive ever seen. i luv you

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