Friday Night Parting Shot: Erica


Tell this dark-haired, poker-lovin’, 28-year-old Southern Californian that blondes have more fun, and we bet she’d stick her tongue out at you.

Not that you’d mind.

We first introduced you to Erica here a few weeks ago when we announced our little venture onto MySpace, and when we asked her about poker, she declared, “I LOVE poker! I’ve been debating quiting my job to become a poker dealer. How funny is that?”

Uh, not as funny as the photo where your sitting next to celeb card tosser Dave Navarro, in which he’s apparently either doing some sort of yoga pose or has been waxed.

Ericadaven_1Still waiting for an explanation on that one.

So besides Erica’s rocker girl good looks, striking black hair and penchant for posing with her tongue out, what else is it that we like about her? Well, she’s got a pretty good ear for music–she counts Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Portishead and Arcade Fire among her favorites–and she says she never gets sick of watching True Romance or Heathers. Ditto that.

And did we already mention she loves poker?

By the way, Erica now joins Lauren, Marissa and our hometown girl Savannah in this Parting Shot series of ours, and based on the response so far, we’re thinking we may have to keep this up. Girls, if you’re interested in being featured here, drop us an email, and guys, if you know a girl who fits the bill, definitely give us a heads up. Thanks.


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  1. snake

    April 14, 2006 7:19 pm, Reply

    neh, different person… raymi rocks though, and much more of a rocker chick..and her page is and she has a pierced lip…and also looks totally different…and is different. perhaps hard to tell from these pics of erica, much easier from the others, but those didnt have her sticking her tongue out. doesn’t mean though that “erica” is erica…imposters abound everywhere. and unlike the others we cant be a hundy percent sure…but what the heck. if you know otherwise give us a shout.

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