Friday Night Parting Shot: Grace Park

Grace ParkWhen we discover a girl like the blazingly hot Grace Park for the first time it makes us feel like Amerigo Vespucci or something, discovering a new land, if google searches for “hot Asian chick in lingerie” is anything like that.

Born in LA, Park is of Korean descent and grew up mostly in Vancouver, a city in Canada surprisingly without igloos but chock full of girls who look exactly like Park. We like Vancouver.

If you know Park it’s likely from the show “Battlestar Gallactica” or if you saw a beaver today, from the teen soap “Edgemont.” Or maybe you saw the movie Romeo Must Die and recall the scene in the club where the two hot girls kiss each other and the one on the right pulls down the other’s top. That’s Park.

The photos below (click to enlarge) are from a photo shoot Park did a few years ago for Maxim, a video of which you can view here. One more photo of Grace Park after the jump.

Gracepark01 Gracepark05 Grace Park Gracepark03

Grace Park


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