Friday Night Parting Shot: Kasia Kraszewskej

Kasia1_1We stopped by earlier today and came across a link to some extraordinarily nice NSFW pics of Polish Playmate Kasia Kraszewskej and thought: “There we have it, our OWCPG of 2007. Ridiculously smoking hot body, stunningly gorgeous face, beautiful eyes. She just may be hotter than fellow Pol Joanna Krupa, which just sounds absurd to say that a girl could be hotter than Joanna Krupa, but again, she just may be, and she’s certainly hotter than the WPT’s Polonian princess Sabrina Gadecki, although Sabina is such a cutey, but this Kasia chick, we don’t have a clue how to pronounce her last name or let alone type it without saying each letter out loud as we strike the letter on the keyboard, but who cares, let’s google and see what else is out there on Kasia. Wow there isn’t anything else and these pics are from the March 2005 Polish Playboy which means Kasia must have been killed by gypsies on the way to buy sausage at the market because how does a girl this hot just fall off the face of the Earth and never do another magazine spread again? How God, how?”

And so the late Kasia won’t be our OWCPG of 2007 because these pics here and the much, much, much better ones you’ll see when you follow the link off this page are all we got.

UPDATE: Seems Kasia has another last name she goes by that really is no different than her other last name, so if you’re googling for her also try Kasia Kraszewska. Still not much more there, damnit.

Yes, this is all we’re posting. And they’re cropped. So get out of here and go to this page for a link to the complete set or google “Kasia Kraszewskej.” These photos should be enough incentive to do so.



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