Friday Night Parting Shot: Kirstie Alley*

AlleyA groundbreaking** actress, a dedicated mother*** and most recently one of People’s “Top 100 Beautiful People,”**** Kirstie Alley is proof that when there’s more of you to love, then, well, you’re a very large woman. Ok, that was mean and totally uncalled for . . . and of course so is having Kirstie Alley as this week’s Parting Shot.

You see, after last week’s Parting Shot Girl, Jen Graham, we’ve been stumped. Utterly. Where do we go from there? The pressure is almost too much; kind of like the pressure poker blogger Pauly spoke about when he had just 12 hours — 12 HOURS! — to finish an article about the WPT Championship. Wait 12 hours? The only thing we spend 12 hours on is our beds. I mean, our self-aggrandizing WPT Championship wrap-up (a genius piece we must say) was done in 7 minutes and 37 seconds while seated on a crapper (peanut gallery: “How fitting”). Anyway, that’s another story (or mental image). The reality is that the girls we want to feature as Parting Shot girls just don’t grow on trees. They’re few and far between. So while we’ll continue to leave you every Friday with a photo of exceptional viewing quality (not Kirstie, see after the jump), we’ll be spacing out our features of girls like Jen, who are as real as they come, deserve the recognition and may not be as famous yet as the Brazilians we adore (yes, seen after the jump), but we certainly love them just the same. And maybe even more.

* You kidding? Real Friday Night Parting Shot after the jump.
** Literally.
*** No idea if she’s dedicated. But she is a mother.
**** WTF?

You remember Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio right?



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  1. A Concerned Woman

    April 29, 2006 8:38 am, Reply

    Not everyone can be as attractive as you guys are or the females you profile. I know what you do is tongue-in-cheek but Kirstie Alley should be applauded for having the courage to so publicly put herself and weight problems out there. She’s very attractive and is a role model to the majority of not-so-perfect woman everywhere. Not everyone can be as naturally beautiful as the woman you put up on this site every week.

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