Friday Night Parting Shot: Lauren from Laguna Hills

While in the past we’ve signed off on Friday night with ‘parting shots’ from Jessica Alba or a few of our favorite Brazilians, Wicked Chops Poker has decided–in what may or may not become a weekly tradition–to begin featuring some of the “real” girls who have joined us over in MySpace land. Yes, there’s that MySpace again, but hey, we’re putting it to good use.

And while these girls may not be as famous as the ones who usually grace our pages and their pics aren’t from some high-dollar, glossed-up photo shoot (in fact many are digital self-portraits taken from an arm length away), we still like them just the same, and just maybe, even a tad bit more.

Which brings us first to lovely Lauren of Laguna Hills, a 24-year-old poker newbie who was kind enough to let us share a few snapshots of her (and that’s her friend Tracee with her). Lauren won us over when she told us she takes regular vacations to Las Vegas (stays at the Wynn) and has taken up poker recently. As she puts its, “I’ve kicked the asses of several guys on many occasions.” Find out more about Lauren here, and we know it would make her happy if you checked out her brother’s band, Beverly, while you’re at it.



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  1. Kid Dynamite

    March 25, 2006 6:25 am, Reply

    I’m sad Chops… not only do i NOT have a MySpace page linked to a bunch of young hotties (who may or may not ask for my credit card number and $29.95 if i click on their site), but I’m also NOT a part of the Blogger Cool Crew going to the Playboy Mansion this weekend. (yeah – PLAYBOY FUCKIN’ MANSION!)
    Now that’s not the travesty – the travesty is that WCP is not part of the crew (Bobby, Pauly, BG, JoeSpeaker, etc – read the details on their sites…). what gives?

  2. Chops

    March 25, 2006 8:08 am, Reply

    I don’t know…I think it would hurt to walk around w/ a hard-on for six solid hours, wouldn’t it?

  3. hubbard

    March 25, 2006 9:30 am, Reply

    Blogger Cool Crew? Is pauly shore cool? Is that austin powers midget cool? More like a freak show if u ask me. From what I’ve seen I think the expression couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of 50 dollars bills applies here. But its saturday and I’m drunk alredy so dontask me.

  4. Dirk

    March 26, 2006 12:10 am, Reply

    Do you have any pictures of you as a blond? Your shirt says something about “blond tomorrow”. Is tomorrow today?
    P.S.-you’re really hot.

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