Friday Night Parting Shot: Monica Hansen

Monica_hansen1Monica Hansen has worked as a botanist and a plant ecologist for the CPRS for over 5 years. She completed her undergraduate degree in botany and . . . oh wait, that’s the wrong Monica Hansen. Sorry.

Alrighty, the Monica Hansen you see to the right and making you go blind after the jump is an L.A.-based/Norwegian-born model who has been doing the FHMMaximStuff-Baywatch-Howard Stern-Wild on E!-and-now-Wicked Chops Poker circuit for the past few years and none of that really matters to you. Neither does the fact that she was Miss Norway, started getting photographed by creepy, middle-aged, bald men modeling at the age of 14, and has her own blog with pics of her partying and modeling all over the world. You also don’t likely care that she owes her 5’11” stupidly sick bod and stunning blonde looks to her mixed Brazilian/Norwegian heritage. Finally you don’t give a damn that Snake used to only date Norwegian girls, that Chops’ pooch has a Norwegian name that ironically is the same as one of Snake’s ex Norwegian girlfriends and that we here at Wicked Chops Poker, when it comes down to it, really prefer girls along the lines of Olga Kurylenko than the Playboy-ish Hansen but when you come across the pics of Hansen that we did you drop your pants throw all preferences aside and drop your pants make her your Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, which brings us to something you do care about, pics of Monica Hansen after the jump.

See more of Monica here, here, here, here and here.



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